One of Michigan's most beloved singer-songwriters, Nathan K. creates music that is "a curious mix of sadness and joy, haunting in the sense that it lingers but not completely morose or scary. A nostalgic and poignant amalgamation of fondness and love and regret, something crushing yet life affirming." (Wake The Deaf)

With his deeply personal music and intimate live performances, Nathan K. is "on the cusp of being part of the next generation of artists to achieve success along the lines of Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Jens Lekman, etc." (Songs Illinois)

"A gorgeous example of Michigan spirit." (Mostly Midwest)

"The melodies feel easy and soothing like the setting sun. It feels simultaneously Michigan-born, but at other moments pained or world-weary or endearing searching. It feels location-less, set on by the considerable traveling he's done through his not-yet-many years". (Real Detroit Weekly)

His 1st full length record, "Newspapers & Prayers" was recorded with producer/engineer Jim Roll (Frontier Ruckus, Chris Bathgate, Breathe Owl Breathe, etc.) and "earns a spot next to some of the most earnest and heartfelt modern folk records in recent memory , including The Mountain Goats􀂶 'The Sunset Tree,' Iron & Wine's 'Our Endless Numbered Days' and Bon Iver's 'For Emma, Forever Ago.' While that might sound like awfully high praise for the debut album of a 23-year-old from Ypsilanti, Klages has a lot more in common with John Darnielle, Sam Beam and Justin Vernon than just a genre." (Eastern Echo)

2012 saw the release of "Dishes", a lo-fi album recorded on a 4-track in a hospital waiting room to pass the time during the many sleepless nights while his grandfather was ill. Originally intended as demos, this collection of songs was met with praise in the blogosphere, and has been described as "unfathomably beautiful.. one of the most delicately beautiful albums of 2012. Dark, intense yet paradoxically uplifting and optimistic. A must listen." (drunkenwerewolf)

In addition to being a member of nationally acclaimed pop group Stepdad, contributing his songwriting talents to dream pop group Nightlife, and keeping a busy touring schedule, Nathan is currently working on a new full length studio record with Darin Rajabian. "Most Birthdays", the first single from this currently untitled album is available at nathank.bandcamp.com


"If one could take all the suffering and beauty of Michigan. It’s many closed factories and depressed economy, and contrast all the dark negative reality with the natural beauty found in the more rural aspects of our environs; the running rivers, those deep blue lakes, the white tail, and the wild turkeys. Take all this and distill it into song. Nathan K. provides those songs, narrates our state of being into beautiful odes. Songs forlorn and gorgeous with hope and a relentless optimism." Mitten Mouth Music 

"Nathan K. crafts beautiful, emotionally gut-wrenching, songs with his direct lyricism and honest vocals."
- My Folking Heart 

"Nathan K has a subdued yet strangely invigorating sound. He brings something unique to the game in his song crafting." - Ear To The Ground Music

"Like John Darnielle, except with a better voice, Nathan K. reaches emotional truths that don’t require glossy production." - The Owl Mag

"Guthrie-tinged folk jams; a golden, jangly folk style.  Earthy, soothing sounds, tinged with ruminations on metaphysics alongside matters of the heart. His songs, and any self-references, are rapt with modesty and reverence." - Current Magazine

"So damn compelling. An artist worth paying attention to." - absolutepunk.net

"His music is of the most beautiful breed in Michigan right now, mellow and serene, and his lyrics speak to the dream world and evoke a sense of nostalgic memory.. This guy can tell a story" - John Hanson (Lamp Light)


Nathan K. has shared the stage with:

Frontier Ruckus * Breathe Owl Breathe * Fred Thomas * Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers * Chris Bathgate * Luke Winslow King Trio* Jeff Pianki * Seth Bernard * May Erlewine * Lightning Love  * Kansas Bible Company * Jamaican Queens * Small Houses * Appleseed Collective * Hezekiah Jones * Gifts or Creatures * Stepdad * Flint Eastwood * Just Married * Bro. Stephen * Joshua Davis * Elisabeth Pixley-Fink * Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys * Cobalt Mexican Wolves * Lasso *Cotton Jones * White Pines * Charlene Kaye * Strawberry Heritage * Listener * Grey Gordon * Jes Kramer * Paleo * The Go Rounds * Matt Jones & The Reconstruction * The Ragbirds * Bethesda * Mister Suit * Nature Films *  The Silent Years * Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr * Tunde Olaniran * Nightlife * Greg Bates * Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful * Jim Roll * Drunken Barn Dance * Nervous But Excited * Gun Lake * American Opera * Koji * Jim Cherewick * Dragon Wagon * Greensky Bluegrass * Up the Chain * Laura K Balke * Kevin Killen * Phantasmagoria * The Rocket Summer * Charlie Slick * Fiona Dickinson * Timothy Monger State Park * Jake Simmons & The Little Ghosts *  The Satin Peaches * The High Strung * Gratiot Lake Road * Annie Palmer * Patrick Elkins * Nathan Kalish * Gitis Baggs * Shane Tripp * Henry Daggs * The Juliets * The Hand In The Ocean * Jack & The Bear * Ben Daniels Band * Dan Henig * Match By Match * Dave Dondero * Theodore * Now, Now * Haim * Steprockets * Reptar * Rubblebucket and many others.