"Methodist Girls" (out 7/8/2014)


"Dishes" (2012)

“Unfathomably beautiful…  one of the most delicately beautiful albums of 2012. Dark, intense yet paradoxically uplifting and optimistic. A must listen.”
drunkenwerewolf (uk)

"A nostalgic and poignant amalgamation of fondness and love and regret, something crushing yet life affirming... and a brilliant album."
- Wake The Deaf (uk)

“Stream of conscious narratives never sounded so melodious…makes you wanna sigh, makes you wanna go for a walk, makes you wanna go somewhere. Find something.”
ispy Magazine

“ 'Dishes' will sober the drunk and inebriate the sober into a drunken stupor of love and self-reflection. It’s the soundtrack to endless journeys inside one’s soul..  tender, yet dazzling songwriting.. ”  
- Mitten Mouth Music

"While many albums have been made to solace those feeling pain, few are as raw, honest and genuine as Dishes." -

Recorded in the winter at a hospital in Michigan. In the middle of a tour, I had to come home early to be with my grandfather who was dying, and at his request, and I sang and played guitar, violin, and banjo for him during the last few weeks of his life. During the nights, when I couldn't sleep (I slept at the hospital), I recorded on a 4-track recorder to pass the time in the waiting room. After the funeral, I resumed the touring. I forgot about these recordings until it came time to record my 2nd full length. Choosing to record this project with Darin Rajabian (Nightlife), who asked if I had any rough cuts of the songs I intended on recording. After listening to the recordings from that winter, he insisted that these were, in-fact, the album tracks. I added bass to some of the tracks, and he set about the task of mixing the tracks and turning them into a cohesive record which we titled, "Dishes".  

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album art: Jim Cherewick

"Newspapers & Prayers" (2010)

"I’ve been hearing hints and whispers about Nathan K. for a year now but just never got around to exploring his music. Now that I have done so I am impressed with his stuff. His latest record is called Newspapers and Prayers. There are a number of songs on here that are absolute clinchers."
- Songs:Illinois

Nathan K. is passionate, he can be very personal, and his folk-heavy debut full-length feels pure.
 -Deep Cutz

“Newspapers & Prayers” earns a spot next to some of the most earnest and heartfelt modern folk records in recent memory, including The Mountain Goats' “The Sunset Tree,” Iron & Wine's “Our Endless Numbered Days” and Bon Iver's “For Emma, Forever Ago.
- Eastern Echo

album art: Emily Dekovich
recorded/mixed/mastered by Jim Roll