"Silver Beach Boys" (2016)

  "It’s bedroom pop with a little more lush production, burrowing deep in my soul today."- Austin Town Hall

"Methodist Girls" (2014)

"Wonderful; heartfelt, soothing, melancholic and all that other stuff in between. Something truly uplifting about the way it casts its eyes back on memories buried once, perhaps, but never really forgotten." - goldflakepaint

"A phenomenal authentic engagement with life as it’s lived. Like all good songwriters, makes the listener think about ordinary things in life with extraordinary insight. Nathan K.’s songwriting style is so raw and authentic in the way that he engages with emotions, both positive and negative. It’s tragic and hopeful all at once. Nathan K. is a gifted songwriter because of how he can capture real life in simple, profound words. His songs are comforting at times, but also pretty jarring."
- Ear To The Ground

"This album is an absolute night-walk. It’s precious, naked, honest, and unashamed- even when he sings of his own shame. This heart-to-heart is pure and direct, and constitutes as the perfect compatriot to fight the loneliness of a sleeping world. With songs like this, I could contend with a fully nocturnal sleeping schedule, and never feel too isolated. This album is his most unified and cohesive release yet- with his style’s transparency becoming so defined that a song of his could be covered by a dubstep goat and you could still recognize it as a Nathan K tune based on the melody alone. It’s easy to enjoy the darkness, the light, and every gradient in between on these tracks, so go ahead, listen, and let it carry you through the night with jokes, sweet sadness, and never-ending beautiful conversation." - SceneSC

"Dishes" (2012)

“Unfathomably beautiful…  one of the most delicately beautiful albums of 2012. Dark, intense yet paradoxically uplifting and optimistic. A must listen.”
drunkenwerewolf (uk)

"A nostalgic and poignant amalgamation of fondness and love and regret, something crushing yet life affirming... and a brilliant album."
- Wake The Deaf (uk)

“Stream of conscious narratives never sounded so melodious…makes you wanna sigh, makes you wanna go for a walk, makes you wanna go somewhere. Find something.”
ispy Magazine

“ 'Dishes' will sober the drunk and inebriate the sober into a drunken stupor of love and self-reflection. It’s the soundtrack to endless journeys inside one’s soul..  tender, yet dazzling songwriting.. ”  
- Mitten Mouth Music

"While many albums have been made to solace those feeling pain, few are as raw, honest and genuine as Dishes." -

Recorded in the winter at a hospital in Michigan. In the middle of a tour, I had to come home early to be with my grandfather who was dying, and at his request, and I sang and played guitar, violin, and banjo for him during the last few weeks of his life. During the nights, when I couldn't sleep (I slept at the hospital), I recorded on a 4-track recorder to pass the time in the waiting room. After the funeral, I resumed the touring. I forgot about these recordings until it came time to record my 2nd full length. Choosing to record this project with Darin Rajabian (Nightlife), who asked if I had any rough cuts of the songs I intended on recording. After listening to the recordings from that winter, he insisted that these were, in-fact, the album tracks. I added bass to some of the tracks, and he set about the task of mixing the tracks and turning them into a cohesive record which we titled, "Dishes".  

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album art: Jim Cherewick

"Newspapers & Prayers" (2010)

"I’ve been hearing hints and whispers about Nathan K. for a year now but just never got around to exploring his music. Now that I have done so I am impressed with his stuff. His latest record is called Newspapers and Prayers. There are a number of songs on here that are absolute clinchers."
- Songs:Illinois

Nathan K. is passionate, he can be very personal, and his folk-heavy debut full-length feels pure.
 -Deep Cutz

“Newspapers & Prayers” earns a spot next to some of the most earnest and heartfelt modern folk records in recent memory, including The Mountain Goats' “The Sunset Tree,” Iron & Wine's “Our Endless Numbered Days” and Bon Iver's “For Emma, Forever Ago.
- Eastern Echo

album art: Emily Skaerrecorded/mixed/mastered by Jim Roll