• Dishes "vinyl" release

    In today’s world, I often feel that I’ve lost touch with the practice of slowing down and actually listening records, one side at a time. When I was in college, when I got homesick, I used to listen to side 1 of Roger Miller’s “Golden Hits” over and over and over again to hear Dang Me, and I fell in love with Engine Engine #9, and You Can’t Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd. I’d listen to that side on repeat for a few days and then flip over to side 2 and do the same thing. Since that time, a lot has changed in my life, and it’s very rare that I’m home long enough to be able to take the time to do that. The closest comes to listening to CDs in my car, but even then I tend to just skip around from track to track. I often hear people say that “vinyl sounds better” (debatable) but when I hear that, I suspect that they miss the act of listening to music in that way, as I do. In an effort to try to recreate this, I’ve made a remastered “digital vinyl” version of my 2012 record Dishes, with only 2 tracks, “Side 1” and “Side 2”, and complete with the slight crackle of vinyl and the faintest sound of the needle dropping, so that you can recreate the vinyl experience on your iphone, or however you choose to listen to digital music. You can get it at for “name your own price”. There you can also find my latest album “Methodist Girls” if you haven’t picked it up yet. 

    “Side 1”:
    For Your Own Good
    Leave Them

    “Side 2”:
    Bob Seger
    Hospital Walls

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