Wonderful; heartfelt, soothing, melancholic and all that other stuff in between. Something truly uplifting about the way it casts its eyes back on memories buried once, perhaps, but never really forgotten. - goldflakepaint

A gorgeous example of Michigan spirit. -Mostly Midwest

Unfathomably beautiful. one of the most delicately beautiful albums of 2012. Dark, intense yet paradoxically uplifting and optimistic. A must listen. - drunkenwerewolf

 A curious mix of sadness and joy, haunting in the sense that it lingers but not completely morose or scary. A nostalgic and poignant amalgamation of fondness and love and regret, something crushing yet life affirming. -Wake The Deaf

 It’s bedroom pop with a little more lush production, burrowing deep in my soul today.
Austin Town Hall

A phenomenal authentic engagement with life as it’s lived. Like all good songwriters, makes the listener think about ordinary things in life with extraordinary insight. Nathan K.’s songwriting style is so raw and authentic in the way that he engages with emotions, both positive and negative. It’s tragic and hopeful all at once. Nathan K. is a gifted songwriter because of how he can capture real life in simple, profound words. His songs are comforting at times, but also pretty jarring.
- Ear To The Ground Music

An absolute night-walk. It’s precious, naked, honest, and unashamed- even when he sings of his own shame. This heart-to-heart is pure and direct, and constitutes as the perfect compatriot to fight the loneliness of a sleeping world. With songs like this, I could contend with a fully nocturnal sleeping schedule, and never feel too isolated. This album is his most unified and cohesive release yet- with his style’s transparency becoming so defined that a song of his could be covered by a dubstep goat and you could still recognize it as a Nathan K tune based on the melody alone. It’s easy to enjoy the darkness, the light, and every gradient in between on these tracks, so go ahead, listen, and let it carry you through the night with jokes, sweet sadness, and never-ending beautiful conversation." - SceneSC

Guthrie tinged folk jams. A golden, jangly folk style. Earthy, soothing sounds, tinged with ruminations on metaphysics alongside matters of the heart. His songs, and any self references, are rapt with modesty and reverence, be it for history and tradition (like Woody Guthrie and southern folk music) or family and friends (integral in his musical inspiration). -Current Magazine

Michigan indie-folk musician Nathan K. crafts beautiful, emotionally gut-wrenching, songs with his direct lyricism and honest vocals. - My Folking Heart

The melodies feel easy and soothing like the setting sun. It feels simultaneously Michigan-born, but at other moments pained or world-weary or endearing searching. It feels location-less, set on by the considerable traveling he’s done through his not-yet-many years. -Real Detroit Weekly

An extremely talented man play music full of loops and haunting vocals while also telling extended stories about cats and other things between songs. - SceneSC

His music is of the most beautiful breed in Michigan right now, mellow and serene, and his lyrics speak to the dream world and evoke a sense of nostalgic memory. - John Hanson, Lamp Light Music

K.(lages) has fostered a hazy, harmonious aesthetic, often that of a pensive, post everything-philosopher searching for stars to gaze upon through the blankets of light pollution above Ann Arbor’s main drags and instead finding refuge in the coffee houses, chill house parties and forgotten parks scattered out towards the city limits where he comes to terms with mortality through his musical muses. - iSpy Magazine

Nathan K has a subdued yet strangely invigorating sound.He brings something unique to the game in his song crafting. The songs have layers beyond the stripped-down typical acoustic sound, but yet it doesn’t have the over-produced annoyance of many artists, and highlights Nathan’s vocals that express some interesting lyrics. Nathan’s lyrics are delivered with a matter-of-fact subtlety that helps to define his unique style. It’s a soul-bearing sincerity that makes the lyric jumps off the page. Taken together this is a complicated little album that hints and a number of intriguing philosophical and intellectual questions. -Ear To The Ground Music

A musical treasure! -Hedinblij

Most of Nathan’s stuff that I’ve heard has a sepia tint. I could imagine listening to it while walking through a half-empty train yard. It’s the more humble side of America that isn’t all BALD EAGLES HOOTERS FOOTBAWL. The kind that wins Oscars some years, or at least gets you into film festivals. -1QMUSIC

The honest and natural tone that stays consistant through the album Dishes is like clean air in your lungs. So far, it seems that Nathan can do no wrong. -fromthebeard

Wonderfully plaintive -MadMackeral

This man is full of talent. -Music Pickings

Nathan Klages is a classic sort of songwriter, one who tells intricate stories with vivid details over the sounds of his guitar. Hailing from Michigan, Nathan K. entrances with relatively lo-fi recordings but high-definition writing chops. Like John Darnielle, except with a better voice, Nathan K. reaches emotional truths that don’t require glossy production. -The Owl Mag

An artist worth paying attention to. so damn compelling. Klages knows when to pullback and never tries to do more than he can. And it is that simple fact that makes Dishes so worth the repeated listens. One can only hope this album reaches out beyond the confines of the state of Michigan. Listen to this record, understand it and then pass it along. Dishes deserves that kind of reward.

His lyrics are great, telling stories with a passionate energy. The imagery gets in your head.

Lo-fi, dreamy stream of consciousness songs. His songs don’t hold anything back. There is no room for clichés in Nathan K’s music, each one of his songs really tells a story and has an element of real life to them. -Mitten Stretcher

Really mellow tunes Sometimes with great tragedy we see great beauty. -Austin Town Hall

It is elegantly simple acoustic folk, stripped of complication and played in its purest form. -Perfect Mixtape

Intimate lyrics and catchy hooks. -West Michigan Noise

Amazing album. -Stic Of The Week

Dishes is a somber album that you’ll want to hav e close as autumn approaches. -EarBuddy

Wonderful sound and amazing vocals. Tending to be more acoustic oriented, Nathan K produced a beautiful album that is vaguely Bon Iver-esque. Laid-back, chill. Fextremely intimate but could still be played on a sunny day. -The Kollection

Great new album. -One Chord To Another

Stream of conscious narratives never sounded so melodious…makes you wanna sigh, makes you wanna go for a walk, makes you wanna go somewhere. Find something. Still dark at points, still haunting, for sure; looking inward so directly often has that effect. His sense for the heavy has evolved, his keenness on atmosphere, his backing tracked vocals often haunting his verses in shadowy half-beat-behind-harmonies and the thrum of sonorous guitars just hovering out like woodsmoke in the sunset’s bright orange rays. Songs like this, breezy tempos and shambling guitars, are the kind to come back to life with, for when the woozy wears off and you feel like you can just start blinking again, just coming back in the wakes of personal/familial tragedy. -ispy magazine

I believe Caleb Groh, along with Jeff Pianki, Nathan K, and a few of their mutual friends, are the cusp of being the next generation of artists to achieve success along the lines of Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Jens Lekman, etc. -SongsIllinois

You remember Giles Corey, right? Okay, invert the color palette on his music and you have Nathan K. They have similar voices, utilize the same weapon of choice, an acoustic guitar, and both artists have lyrics that are at times heavily allegorical, and in the next stanza, simple and direct. Nathan K., though, has a much sunnier outlook on life, and his message and music are much easier to digest. Take "Leave Them", for example. Instead of wallow in the depression of his young adult life, a la Gils Corey, Nathan encourages you to leave those memories right where they are. It's a simple yet potent reminded that the present is a gift to be cherished, and that meandering guitar melody, gently bobbing along like a lure cast from a fishing rod, certainly helps his case. Life is short. You should spend it listening to tunes like this. -The Brown Noise

I’ve been hearing hints and whispers about Nathan K. for a year now but just never got around to exploring his music. Now that I have done so I am impressed with his stuff. His latest record is called Newspapers and Prayers. There are a number of songs on here that are absolute clinchers. -SongsIllinois

Moments of self-doubt, regret and ev en disappointment at y our own actions don􀂶t hav e to be negative—they can be just as uplifting as the good moments, and Klages really understands the importance of coming to that realization. And ev en when the ly rics are poignant and deeply reflective, the music itself still retains a joy ous quality , mostly because of his v oice, which has a warm, familiar sound—like listening to an old friend impart words of wisdom over the phone. Though these words of wisdom aren􀂶t all sunshine and rainbows, they still resonate because they are genuine. “Newspapers & Prayers” is a wonderfully solid collection of folk songs that dig deep, yet have a warm, breezy sound that makes them easy to listen to ov er and over.

“Newspapers & Prayers” earns a spot nex t to some of the most earnest and heartfelt modern folk records in recent memory , including The Mountain Goats􀂶 “The Sunset Tree,” Iron & Wine􀂶s “Our Endless Numbered Days” and Bon Iver's “For Emma, Forev er Ago.” While that might sound like awfully high praise for the debut album of a 23-year-old from Ypsilanti, Klages has a lot more in common with John Darnielle, Sam Beam and Justin Vernon than just a genre. -Eastern Echo

“Newspapers & Prayers” is Nathan K.'s way of proving that the folk record is still a ripe medium for emotion, honesty, ideas, and questions. It's pretty damn entertaining -Mostly Midwest

Nathan K. quotes Woody Guthrie on his website, but his brand of folk has a fully contemporary feel.

Nathan K is passionate, he can be v ery personal, and his folk-heav y debut full-length feels pure. Ov er his golden sonorous acoustic guitar, warmed and blushed with pianos, bass drum booms or the spindly bleat of a banjo, Nathan K.(lages) coos out portraits of stretching highway s y ou can feel under his wandering feet, or more ethereal pathway s into the curiosities of memory ; we are taken down the streets of his home in Ann Arbor, we discuss the ex plosion of the sun and what lies bey ond, and we stuff our hands in our coats and arch our shoulders as we traipse into the forthcoming winter. -Deep Cutz

A young acoustic-guitar strumming folkster of poignant poetry and wide-eyed pondering. -Current Magazine

There’s something familiar in Nathan K.’s vocals that you may not place, at first. Mid-to-high range, a bit wispy, with a steadily flickered fieriness, K. (shortened from Klages) captures tones both solemn and bright, but what’s key to his drawing folk sensibility is how relatable it sounds. You feel like you know him; its slight coarseness brings humanity. -Real Detroit Weelly